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Is Fluid Pilates Bootcamp suitable for absolute beginners?

Fluid Pilates is an excellent place to begin your journey into either Pilates or general physical fitness and wellbeing. Beginner classes are tailored to be fully inclusive with various adaptions and modifications for each movement, to suit all abilities. As your fitness levels and mobility improves, you will find yourself able to push yourself further in a safe and supportive environment.

How do I book and buy a Fluid Pilates session?

Please book classes online or at the studio.

To book online: create an online profile in the Fluid App (down the App now – Apple / Android) and purchase a package that works best for you and then book your preferred session… simple!

To book in the studio: please Speak to Reception and bring payment card/cash.

How long is my course valid for?

Each course has a different expiry date eg. a 10 course pack lasts 4 months. Each separate expiry date is clearly listed on the booking page. If you require a longer period in which to complete your course, you will need to speak to the Manager prior to purchase. (This may applicable to those who travel frequently).

Please note that Fluid Pilates will automatically update you with course usage.

What if I can't come to class and I have already been confirmed? Will I be charged?

Fluid Pilates operates on a strict 12-hour cancellation policy. The same rules apply even if you are making a change to your class time. If you do not cancel at least 12 hours prior to class start, you will lose your session. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Management.

How do I cancel a session?

You must sign into your Account or Fluid App account to make any cancellations or changes.

Voicemails or emails are not an acceptable means of cancelling, as the Reception is not manned 24/7.

Will my spot be given away if I am late to a session?

Maybe! It is good practice to arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the scheduled start time, ready to train. Clients who arrive more than 10 minutes after the start, will not be permitted entry, due to our health and safety policy. If you do not arrive by the start of the session, your space may be offered to another person.

What is the waitlist and how does that work?

If a class you would like to take is full, we highly recommend putting yourself on the waitlist. If a spot opens, you will be added to the class and receive an email confirmation.

Please note: All classes have a 12-hour cancellation notice, so if you’re added to a class from the waitlist at the last minute, the 12-hour cancellation still applies.

If you no longer want a spot in the class, you need to remove yourself from the waitlist. If you fail to remove yourself in time, you will lose the class credit.

Can I attend a Fluid Pilates session if I am pregnant?

Doctors do not advise trying a new workout while pregnant, especially something as core intensive as Fluid Pilates. We currently do not offer Pre-Natal classes.

Can I attend a Fluid Pilates session if I have a serious back injury or physical impairment?

Caution should always be take when starting a new training regime, especially if you are suffering from a serious physical impairment. Always consult your Consultant or Physiotherapist to take advice on this and gain their consent.

Can I attend a Fluid Pilates session if I suffer from mild back, shoulder, hip, knee or other joint discomfort?

Yes! Please make sure that you make your injury/discomfort known to the Instructor prior to class, and they will recommend modified or alternative exercises suitable for you.

As with any kind of physical exercise do not continue with a movement if you find it painful and seek advice from the Instructor.

What should I bring to class?

We recommend wearing comfortable, stretchy and close fitting gear to your Fluid session, as there is a strong emphasis on stretching and extending during movements.

No shoes are needed for classes, but we recommend wearing Pilates/sticky socks to help grip the machines.

Bring a hand towel as you will most likely sweat!

We have a water dispenser should you need a refill!

Are my purchases refundable or transferable?

Sorry, but all purchases are final, and are not transferable.

How do I contact Fluid Pilates?

If you need to cancel or change a class, you can only do that online through your account. Do not email or a leave voicemails! If you have other questions, please call the studio and speak to the receptionist or leave a voicemail. Otherwise you can email the studio and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Do you have locker rooms or showers?

We have one WC, one shower and one changing room at Fluid as most clients arrive ready to go. However, should you need to use the facilities towels are available.

We also have a number of cubby holes for storing shoes and bags in the Reception area.

Please note we are not liable for any personal belongings that are lost or stolen on the Fluid Pilates premises, however you are welcome to take valuables to your reformer.

What is the mobile phone policy?

Clients are welcome to use electronic devices including mobiles in the reception/waiting area. We must stress, however, that in the Studio mobiles must be off or switched to silent.


Very occasionally, due to unforeseen staffing, weather or extraordinary circumstances, we reserve the right to cancel a class up until 1 hour prior to the start time.

We also do not run classes with only 1 client in, where the 1 hour cancellation rule will also apply.

It is always is worth checking at quieter times or during inclement weather that the class is running up to 1 hour prior to the start time. We will always try to contact clients in these circumstances, but if you have a distance to travel it is advisable to double check before you leave.


Unfortunately we do not run single person classes, so it is worth checking at quieter times whether the class is running up to an hour prior to the start time. We will always try to contact clients in these circumstances, but if you have a distance to travel it is advisable to double check before you leave.


We do not currently have a ‘manned’ reception, however well-behaved children are welcome, at the clients own risk. It’s normally advisable to bring an iPad to keep them entertained whilst the class is running!

Still can’t find the answer?

If you can’t find the answer your looking for opposite, then please feel free to drop us a note with your question and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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